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John Jones, Surgeon, 1780-1863

John Jones was Gnosall’s surgeon for at least three decades of the 19th century. He lived on Sellman Street opposite the churchyard. John Jones was born in Shrewsbury c.1780. 1 He claimed to have been practising as a surgeon before 1800. 2 On 16 July 1809 he married Elizabeth Wieldon “of Eccleshall” 3 born c.1776 in Stoke; 4 a daughter Ann is mentioned on the family gravestone (see below), but I can’t find any details of her birth or baptism. In 1841 Ann Jones, born c.1811, was living with John and Elizabeth and working as a governess 5 - this may or may not be their daughter. The gravestone also mentions “John and Elizabeth Jones who died August 1843 aged 35 years”: again, they are an enigma. John Jones appeared in the poll books 1833-61 6 , listed as “copyhold house and land”. On 29 July 1839 he appeared at the Staffordshire Summer Assizes as witness against Robert Vernon who had raped a 14-year-old Church Eaton girl on the towpath. The girl’s father had taken her to Mr Jones, who said in court he had been a surgeon for over 40 years, and that the girl had been violently assaulted. The accused was sentenced to death, commuted to life transportation. 7 The 1841 census listed John Jones as “surgeon” living at St Lawrence Cottage on Selman Street: nos. 1043-5 on Tithe Map, and listed as owner occupier in the Awards. 8 The 1851 trade directory listed him as a Surgeon, and the 1851 census had “surgeon 52 years in practice” and had him still living at Selman Street with his wife and a 42-year-old unmarried niece, Elizabeth Jones, from Newcastle, working as a servant. John Jones died on 5 March 1863 and was buried at St Lawrence, 9 March 1863 aged 83 9 in grave B-8 (NE of church on corner, directly facing his house on Selman Street): “Of your charity, remember Dr Jones Gnosall who departed this life March the – 1863 aged 83 years. Also Elizabeth Jones his wife who died May the 24 th 1863 aged 87 years. And Ann the daughter of the above. John and Elizabeth Jones who died August 1843 aged 35 years. May they rest in peace.” He left under £1,500; The executors were his nephews were the executors: Joseph Jones of Bollington, Macclesfield, mineral grinder and Congellus Jones, plumber and painter of Liverpool. 10 Felicity Potter 1 Censuses 2 1851 census: “Surgeon, 52 years in practice” - and court statement 1839 3 Marriage register 4 1851 census 5 1841 census and text on gravestone 6 Poll books via Ancestry 7 Staffordshire Advertiser, 27 July 1839 8 Census and Tithe Map index 9 Burial register 10 Probate record via Ancestry
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